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I went into Looper expecting an action movie centered around time-travel. What I got was an exploration of human ego, destiny, and sacrifice. I am pleased that it was the latter.

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Elementary: While You Were Sleeping

Elementary is taking a hiatus next week, so you’ll have to hold yourself over for a while with my review of┬áthe show’s second episode, “While You Were Sleeping.”

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Elementary: Pilot

Elementary is a new show on CBS that continues the long, storied tradition of “That show where the guy solves all of the crimes.” Drawing from the most famous crime-solver of them all, will this show be top of the class, or held back a year? Let’s see what the pilot episode tells us.

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Borderlands 2

Oh, Borderlands 2, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

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The Watch

The Watch is an R-rated comedy featuring Ben Stiller (Tower Heist), Vince Vaughn (the Dilemma), Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street), and relative newcomer Richard Ayoade. Unapologetic and crass, this movie isn’t a true winner, but it’s not lost in space, either.

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