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Being an avid James Bond fan (and massive Sean Connery fan) since my early teens, I am always curious when a new Bond film is released. Unfortunately, our culture nowadays puts such high expectations on everything that when a film in a series is not the best film ever made, the series as a whole seems to get all the trash talk. This was the case with Quantum of Solace. Because QoS was not up to par with public standards (or even my standards, for that matter), many people seemed to be not-so-excited about another Bond film premiering this year.

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Seven Psychopaths

Everyone has, at some point in their lives, been in a situation they thought was going to be totally different; walking into a frat house expecting a kegger only to find you’re in the middle of a tasteful, fancy-dress wine tasting, for example.  Seven Psychopaths is kind of like that, but in a really good way.

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Ben Affleck has stepped into the director’s chair again, helming the new historical-drama (can you really call it historical if it just happened 30 years ago?) Argo. Both of his films to date (2007’s Gone Baby Gone and 2010’s the Town) have been incredibly good – equal parts skilled filmmaking and quality entertainment. Unfortunately, Argo is really only able to succeed on one of those fronts. At exactly two hours long, it’s a decently executed film, but it never really engages the audience until its climactic moments.

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There are two important differences between horror films and films that are just “scary.” Sinister gets both of them dead-on, making it one of the first full-fledged horror films to come out of mainstream Hollywood in recent memory. Unfortunately, it betrays a single fatal flaw that will keep it from reaching the acclaim that most of the film so rightfully earns. WARNING: For the squeamish, maybe just accept that this movie is not for you and don’t read on.

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I went into Looper expecting an action movie centered around time-travel. What I got was an exploration of human ego, destiny, and sacrifice. I am pleased that it was the latter.

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