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Muse: The 2nd Law

“What is this, a rock opera?” asked my roommate as he sauntered into the living room. I couldn’t have agreed more. After listening through Muse’s latest album, the 2nd Law, I wasn’t sure what sound they were after.

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Trouble with the Curve

You know what I think separates good movies from great movies? How deeply the message resonates. Regardless of genre or setting, if I can see connection between my own life and the lives of those in the film, I step out of the theater blown away. For Trouble with the Curve, themes of forgiveness and reconciliation won me over.

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Green Day: Nuclear Family (single)

Remember when Green Day was angsty? That decade known as the 90’s when eyeliner for dudes was cool and skinny jeans found their start and we all just wanted to tell our parents to f**k off. Man, my mom would ground me for that last line. But wasn’t that the point of Green Day? Read the rest of this entry