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666 Park Avenue: Murmurations/The Dead Don’t Stay Dead

Oddly, the thing that makes sitcoms work so well – a well-rounded supporting cast – is not working well for ABC’s new supernatural drama, 666 Park Avenue.

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Ben Affleck has stepped into the director’s chair again, helming the new historical-drama (can you really call it historical if it just happened 30 years ago?) Argo. Both of his films to date (2007’s Gone Baby Gone and 2010’s the Town) have been incredibly good – equal parts skilled filmmaking and quality entertainment. Unfortunately, Argo is really only able to succeed on one of those fronts. At exactly two hours long, it’s a decently executed film, but it never really engages the audience until its climactic moments.

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Big Boi: Mama Told Me (single)

Like my last review (Ludacris’ “Representin“), this is a hip-hop track that features Kelly Rowland on the hook. Sadly, unlike “Representin,” the rap segments bring almost nothing to the table artistically, and force Kelly to bear the full weight of the song if it’s going to be any good.

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Ludacris: Representin (single)

This is a rap song exclusively about sex, and it totally works.

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Go On: Big League Chew

Almost all of the work that Janie’s presence did in last week’s episode of Go On was undone by this irritating, Janie-less episode.

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