The Big Bang Theory: The Habitation Configuration/The 43 Peculiarity

In “the Habitation Configuration” we’re treated to yet another episode of that wacky Sheldon Cooper web show, “Fun With Flags.” Yay!

Episode 6.7: “The Habitation Configuration”

Wil Wheaton, Star Trek actor and former mortal enemy of Sheldon, is the guest star. Amy, director of the show, insists Wil is performing horribly, and Wil gently calls her a pain in the ass. When Sheldon appears to be torn as to who he should stand up for, Amy suggests that she leave the show and Sheldon go on their dinner date with Wil instead. Sheldon, rarely catching onto sarcasm, happily agrees.

When he returns home, Leonard begs Sheldon to call a very angry Amy. Sheldon’s attempt to rectify the situation is to give her Star Trek DVDs so that she can realize she was being rude to a “national treasure.” Of course, she shuts the door in his face.

Howard is facing his own issues with the two main women in his life, his wife and his mother. Bernadette, who has been subtly taking on Howard’s mother’s accent, is concerned because half the time she and Howard stay at his mom’s house. Howard agrees to move more of his things out of his room and into their apartment – but not without sentimentality. Bernadette is touched by Howard’s concern for his mother being alone and changes her mind.

Howard and Bernadette’s problems are resolved quickly, but Sheldon is forced to resort to the relationship expert, Penny, who is bartending, and asks for “girl help.” This in itself is a funny prospect, given Sheldon’s limited empathy, his asexual tendencies, and his opinion that Penny is not intelligent at all; however, before he can begin, Penny tricks him into drinking a Long Island iced tea instead of a chamomile tea. Since Sheldon has no familiarity with alcohol, he insists it’s a “treat to beat” and drinks it like water, followed by another.

This is definitely my favorite drunk Sheldon scene thus far. Alcohol brings out the hidden Texan in him – “That low down polecat done wronged my woman!” He chimes that Amy is “a unique blend of saint and squirrel” and (finally) calls himself a “callous ego-maniac.” He confronts Wil Wheaton to a fist-fight, but, sadly, Wil apologizes quickly. We can imagine that Amy will be happy at Sheldon’s assertiveness, and we find that Sheldon convinces Lavar Burton to be on “Fun With Flags” instead. Even with Lavar Burton’s expertise, Amy still can’t help butting in, and Burton, true to his famously kind nature, can be nothing less than understanding.

Episode 6.8: “The 43 Peculiarity”

On the most recent episode of the Big Bang Theory, the boys notice that at 2:45 every weekday, Sheldon disappears. Leonard is happy to remain in ignorant bliss but Howard and Raj become obsessed with deciphering the mystery, and, given that Sheldon has so many unusual (but very few secret) habits, their interest is understandable.

They follow him to a storage closet where he locks himself in. The title refers to what Howard and Raj find when they later break into that closet to look for clues: the number 43 written on a whiteboard. When it’s Sheldon, it could be anything. The solution to an equation? An ecryption? Is he building a bomb? Without any concrete ideas, they submit to using a hidden camera which reveals Sheldon using a “wormhole generator.”

“The first 43 parallel universes I’ve checked appeared to be empty,” he says to himself. He sticks his head through the hole and emerges with an alien stuck to his face! HIS FACE!

Raj and Howard scream in awe of what they have witnessed (not gonna lie, I did, too!) while Sheldon reveals to them and the audience his disapproving presence in the background and the fact that the video was his multimedia creation. It is so perfect.

Meanwhile, Leonard is freaking out because Penny has been texting a male classmate about a class project. Sheldon removes any sense of the rational in Leonard’s mind by reminding him that he is a man of average looks, poor height, poor vision, and a lack of emotional maturity. To top things off, he tells him, “He could be a hypnotist… She might be performing sexual acts and not even know it.”

Another really funny scene in this episode is when the guy emerges from Penny’s apartment and Leonard chases him down the stairs to warn him that Penny has a boyfriend who is in a gang called “the Scientists,” so he should keep his distance (a larger shot reveals Penny standing at the top of the staircase, hearing everything). Poor Leonard also realizes later that  the photo Penny has of him on her fridge gave him away as her boyfriend.

Basically, Leonard is still getting it through his head that Penny is really his girlfriend, and it’s not just a joke. Even when the very pretty Alex, Sheldon’s assistant, clearly makes a move on Leonard (even coyly saying “Maybe you’re getting hit on and you don’t even know it”), he just laughs. However, he gets a boost of confidence when Penny’s  frustration with his distrust flows into something bigger. She blurts out, “You’re the one I’m with. You know I love you. So will you please relax because you’re driving me crazy?”

Bum Bum Buuuuuuuh! After six seasons, Penny finally said “I love you!” It’s a very sweet moment. They both start crying so they quickly go their separate ways. Adorable.

In conclusion, we finally get to see what Sheldon does at 2:45. He simply goes in, locks the door, and pulls out a hackey-sack. Who knows why he is keeping this hobby a secret, but I’m sure he’ll reveal it eventually. Any Sheldon fans will love the scene with the wormhole.

See where Penny and Leonard’s relationship goes on the Big Bang Theory, Thursday 8/7 central on CBS.


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