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Francesca Battistelli: Christmas

Dove Music Awards 2011 Artist of the Year, Francesca Battistelli is the new name in Christian music. With over 700,000 record sales since her debut in 2008 with My Paper Heart, she is quickly climbing the charts in her genre. While I’ve heard her name tossed around, Christmas was my first exposure to this up-and-coming, and after an initial listen, I can see the appeal! Battistelli has pipes! The girl can sing, but she also has a smidge of lilt to her voice that makes the whole listening experience unique and charming.

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Christina Aguilera: Lotus

The album cover for Lotus (pictured below) portrays Christina rising naked from a blossoming lotus, suggesting a beautiful beginning – more specifically, since she’s been around long enough to have greatest hits album, a new beginning. A rebirth. I’m a fan of the idea of new beginnings at any stage in life, especially when life demands fight or flight.

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Taylor Swift: Red

Finally, after 5 single releases in the last few weeks, the album we’ve all been waiting for, Red, finally dropped last Tuesday! We’ve already discussed about a third of the album, weighed Swift’s talent for rock and country music, debated her mixing of genres, and evaluated her new stylings. So without need for any further musings, let’s just dive right in, shall we?

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Jason Aldean: Night Train

Jason Aldean is in line with the likes of Blake Shelton, George Straight, and Luke Bryan. Not a bad line up to be a part of really – a group of guys who do classic country well. There isn’t a whole lot of variation to their style, no huge strokes of creative genius, just solid, acoustic country music. Aldean’s newest release Night Train, falls perfectly into this predetermined que.

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Taylor Swift: State of Grace (single)

Taylor Swift’s new album, Red, due to release tomorrow, is shaping up to be an eclectic mix of sounds and talent. The last single to be released, “State of Grace,” is by far the most blended sound of all the musical motifs Swift has been playing with. It almost feels like she’s found her niche with this one.

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