Welcome to Sights and Soundz!

Sights and Soundz is the beginning of my dreams come true. It’s an entertainment review website. But what does exactly that mean for you?

Well, I love to interact with and think deeply about pop-culture, and this site is where I get to do that. The idea of the intersection of audience and media is fascinating to me and I love to get right in the middle of that process, Inception-style.

So, really sightsandsoundz.com doesn’t work without you. I welcome and need responses from my readers. Tell me what you think. Did you agree or disagree? Why? Did you want to know more? Please, comment, comment, comment! But also, please, keep it PG.

Also, I’m looking for talented writers to come on board with me. It’d be strictly volunteer – I’m not even paying myself for these shenaniganz. I have two jobs totaling 40+ hours a week, a wife, two dogs, and I try to maintain a healthy social life. So, if you have any interest in taking over or assisting with some of these different media, let me know!

For the rest of you, I hope you’ll engage and interact with what you find here.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

All the best,



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