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Being an avid James Bond fan (and massive Sean Connery fan) since my early teens, I am always curious when a new Bond film is released. Unfortunately, our culture nowadays puts such high expectations on everything that when a film in a series is not the best film ever made, the series as a whole seems to get all the trash talk. This was the case with Quantum of Solace. Because QoS was not up to par with public standards (or even my standards, for that matter), many people seemed to be not-so-excited about another Bond film premiering this year.

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Adele: Skyfall (single)

It’s that time of the half-decade again – when another Bond film is released and another artist contributes to the library of iconic Bond-movie themes. Luckily, this film’s choice of artist is Adele.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Never Is a Long Time/Love of Your Life (single)

I’ve been handling these RHCP pairs of singles as they’ve been released, and I gotta tell you, I’ve been digging this stuff. The stylistic range and throwback elements of these singles have been tickling a red hot nerve that I haven’t had since before their album Californication.

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Papa Roach have never been in my top list of bands. In fact, they’ve never even been on a playlist on any computer that I have owned. They fly so low under my radar that I could mow my yard with this analogy. Although they may not be the first band I would look up after receiving an iTunes gift card, their new album, THE CONNECTION, has it’s worthwhile qualities.

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As I Lay Dying: Awakened

Let me first start this review off by saying that I am so excited that Sights and Soundz is reviewing a metal band. Now, there are always two things that we can count on from As I  Lay Dying. Those two things are: speed and heaviness. Awakened is no exception.

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