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No Doubt: Push and Shove

After a decade without a new album, No Doubt is finally back.

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A lesser-known quote from Teddy Roosevelt reads, “While I was abroad, I discovered a jolly old game called ‘football.’  I found it exhilarating, extravagant, and exhausting.  And in my opinion, nobody simulates this jovial game better than EA Sports with their FIFA 13 entry.”

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NHL 13

Well, I know this one guy who really likes hockey.

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Madden NFL 13

I love video games. I love the NFL. Shoot, I even love John Madden – that zany old rascal.  So why is it that, year after year, I seem to love the idea of a new Madden game, but never truly love it?  If you are a gamer, you have heard the same thing for years now.  “Oh, the new Madden? Yeah… it’s just an updated player roster.”  “New Call of Duty? Yeah… it’s just a new map pack and gun set for the same game.”  This year’s Madden NFL 13 changes everything.  Or does it?

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