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The Avengers Blu Ray

The Avengers was one of the best movies of the summer (though, like so many films, the golden shine wears off upon multiple viewings). Luckily, a great blu ray can do a lot to jazz up a film you saw in a movie theater two or three months ago, even if you saw it three or four times. And the Avengers totally delivers. Well, it mostly delivers, anyway. But the parts that hit the mark blow through it like a repulsor blast.

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The Cabin in the Woods Blu Ray

The Cabin in the Woods RULES. Like, hardcore. And the blu ray release is pretty sweet, too.

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Snow White and the Huntsman Blu Ray

Snow White and the Huntsman is just a so-so movie. It focuses on so many of the parts of the story that most of us really couldn’t care less about. Also, apparently, there’s some controversy about Kristin Stewart gettin’ a little too friendly with the director in her off time? Hmm, wonder why I didn’t hear about that… Maybe ’cause I don’t care. But anyway, it’s a great blu ray. Not quite as good as its magical counterpart, Mirror Mirror, either as a film or a blu ray – but very impressive nonetheless.

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Safe Blu Ray

Safe is an odd movie, to be sure, but one of Jason Statham’s most interesting films stylistically. A lot of that has to do with writer/director Boaz Yakin’s insight into the aesthetics and inspirations, both of the film as a whole and of Statham’s performance in particular. It’s a decent offering from Lionsgate Films, a studio that’s become known for delivering fairly high quality movies for pretty meager price tags.

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Battleship Blu Ray

Battleship is an extraordinarily and exceedingly stupid movie. If you saw it in the theater, I’m sorry. If you’re gonna see it on blu ray… well, I’m still sorry. Mostly ’cause the movie sucked. But also because the blu ray isn’t that impressive.

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