Once Upon a Time: Child of the Moon

This episode is pretty much all about Ruby (Meghan Ory, True Justice), aka Little Red Riding Hood – with a twist. She also happens to be one of my favorite characters.

I got my red Chevy Cobalt about the time that Once Upon a Time first aired and named my car Ruby. The twist in this version of Little Red Riding Hood is that she is the wolf and her red cape is enchanted. As long as she wears it on nights where there is a full moon, she’ll remain human.

Last season, in Storybrooke and under the curse, Ruby was more or less a slut (that isn’t what I liked about her). But in the Enchanted Forest, which is what the name of their “kingdom” was – I think – she was brave and loyal and not at all slutty. This season, she’s still that brave and loyal friend and she’s tempered her… unique… sense of fashion into a good fashion sense. I know that’s not totally relevant, but I’m a girl and I notice these things.

I also feel like Meghan Ory gets to showcase her acting ability more in this season than she did in the last. Especially in this episode, you see a wider range of emotions in her than you’ve seen before. Fear, anger, heartbreak, happiness. She plays them all with heart. It’s the first full moon since the curse was broken and Ruby can’t find her red cape anywhere. It’s been 28 years since she last turned into a wolf and she doesn’t know if she can control herself. She has Granny (Beverley Elliott, Harper’s Island) and Charming lock her up so she can’t hurt anyone.

The next morning she wakes up in the woods and a townsperson is dead! Of course, if you’re like me, you’re thinking, no this can’t be Ruby. But she’s convinced it was her and King George (Alan Dale, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) convinces the rest of the town it was her, too. Only Charming and Granny believe that she would never hurt someone, even as a wolf, and try to defend her.

Luckily Charming and Granny discover some very incriminating evidence in the trunk of King George’s car. I’m not going to tell you what, though. It’s always good to leave a little mystery in life. King George is revealed as a terrible person and Ruby is proven innocent of murder. Yay!

As in most of these episodes, this one includes a flashback – in this case, one that shows Ruby finding her mother (who she was told had been killed by hunters), who is also a wolf and lives with a “pack.” Her mother has discovered a way to maintain control over the wolf part of her nature and teaches Ruby how to control it as well so that she won’t hurt anyone. In the end, Ruby realizes that she let her fear get the best of her and she just needed to accept herself and overcome the fear so that she could enjoy the wolfy aspect of her nature.

Now, I don’t want to give everything away or you won’t have any reason to watch it. So I’ll just finish off with this. If you watch the episode, you’ll find out more about Henry’s nightmares, and other things that are going on in Storybrooke! Catch up on hulu and then watch new episodes, Sunday nights on ABC.


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