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The Big Bang Theory: The Habitation Configuration/The 43 Peculiarity

In “the Habitation Configuration” we’re treated to yet another episode of that wacky Sheldon Cooper web show, “Fun With Flags.” Yay!

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The Neighbors: Pilot

Do you remember watching old Star Trek reruns with your parents, and marveling at the fact that they found Captain Kirk funny, when he really wasn’t? Yeah, well, the creators of the Neighbors must also find badly delivered, poorly timed, corny one liners hysterical, because they filled their new show with them.

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Hoobastank: Fight or Flight

Fresh from their decade-long stint at Island Records, Hoobastank’s Open E Entertainment release Fight or Flight showcases a slightly more toned down Hoobastank flavor. Despite some well produced tracks, this release won’t be jumping out at you from a ‘best new album’ list. In fact, I found it mostly forgettable outside of the tender ballad “Magnolia.” One thing Fight or Flight has going for it, however, is the album structure; all the songs do lyrically follow a ‘fight or flight’ pattern (slightly weighted toward emo-sounding flight, much to the surprise of no one ever).

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