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Christina Aguilera: Lotus

The album cover for Lotus (pictured below) portrays Christina rising naked from a blossoming lotus, suggesting a beautiful beginning – more specifically, since she’s been around long enough to have greatest hits album, a new beginning. A rebirth. I’m a fan of the idea of new beginnings at any stage in life, especially when life demands fight or flight.

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Revolution: No Quarter

First off, congrats to the cast and crew of Revolution; thanks to viewership and ratings, the show has officially been picked up for a full season by NBC.  So yay for that!

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Revolution: Chained Heat

Revolution comes back for its second week swinging hard for the fence on two important issues: family and the morality of killing.

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Go On: There’s No “Ryan” in Team

This is the third episode of NBC’s new comedy Go On, and it really does just get better and better.

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Parenthood: Left Field

Parenthood often feels like a series of questions a professor posed, then an out-playing of scenarios that I’ve felt called to critique. Why did she handle this a certain way? What would I have done differently? More or less, I love it. It’s like psyche class minus the homework, and this week is all about parenting triumphs and faux paus.

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