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Christina Aguilera: Lotus

The album cover for Lotus (pictured below) portrays Christina rising naked from a blossoming lotus, suggesting a beautiful beginning – more specifically, since she’s been around long enough to have greatest hits album, a new beginning. A rebirth. I’m a fan of the idea of new beginnings at any stage in life, especially when life demands fight or flight.

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Christina Aguilera: Your Body (single)

Christina Aguilera recently released her new contemporary R&B single, “Your Body,” in which, without subtlety, she sings about a casual, sexual encounter. The song is a catchy club anthem with inspiration from electric genres, complete with synthesizers, and hint of dub-step. Unfortunately, the promotion for her new album (Lotus, November 13, 2012) lacks originality and neglects to spotlight her world-renowned vocal capabilities.

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