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Christina Aguilera: Lotus

The album cover for Lotus (pictured below) portrays Christina rising naked from a blossoming lotus, suggesting a beautiful beginning – more specifically, since she’s been around long enough to have greatest hits album, a new beginning. A rebirth. I’m a fan of the idea of new beginnings at any stage in life, especially when life demands fight or flight.

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Ke$ha: Die Young (single)

“Die Young” is the lead single from Ke$ha’s second studio album, Warrior, due out in December. This has nothing to do with anything, but can I just say how much I love that the principal on Glee refers to Ke$ha as “Kee-Dollar-Sign-Ha” every time they do one of her songs? That cracks me up. And can I also say that I hate myself for how much I love this damn song?

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True Blood: Sunset

It’s hard to be a fan and a critic. As a fan of True Blood, I really want to give this episode and many preceding the benefit of the doubt and say that it was good, not because it actually was, but because the season finale is gonna be awesome and sort of reshape what I think of the season as a whole. Sadly, I’m also a critic, and I have to be honest with myself and say that this episode, for the most part, sucked… and I don’t have a lot of hope for Sunday’s finale.

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