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Being an avid James Bond fan (and massive Sean Connery fan) since my early teens, I am always curious when a new Bond film is released. Unfortunately, our culture nowadays puts such high expectations on everything that when a film in a series is not the best film ever made, the series as a whole seems to get all the trash talk. This was the case with Quantum of Solace. Because QoS was not up to par with public standards (or even my standards, for that matter), many people seemed to be not-so-excited about another Bond film premiering this year.

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Adele: Skyfall (single)

It’s that time of the half-decade again – when another Bond film is released and another artist contributes to the library of iconic Bond-movie themes. Luckily, this film’s choice of artist is Adele.

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P!nk: The Truth About Love

Ever since Michael Jackson was crowned as the King of Pop, his kingdom has been populated by a number of would-be heirs to his throne. Personally, even in death, I don’t think he’ll ever abdicate it, nor will anyone come along who’ll take it by force. But that’s okay, since there are plenty of other rolls to fill in a palace besides the king. In this case, we have Alecia Moore, better known by her stage name, P!nk. Think of P!nk as the angry, rebellious princess of pop. Her sixth studio album, the Truth About Love, both furthers and defies that image, as though the princess may finally be readying herself to take on a queenship.

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Glee: The New Rachel

A lot is changing for the New Directions gang. First off, about half the cast is not at McKinley High anymore, having graduated at the end of last semester. Nearly all of the graduated characters were on the show’s a-list, more or list, including Finn, Rachel,  and Kurt. In this first episode of Glee’s fourth season, “the New Rachel,” the remaining glee club members jockey for the spot of lead soloist, while Rachel attempts to deal with adjusting to life at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYADA). I have a lot of hope for this season based on the strength of this episode, which is one of the most emotionally and narratively balanced episodes the series has produced in a long, long time.

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